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The Removalist Melbourne Trusts

You can’t lose with SQUAREpeg Movers! We’re capable of packing more into our removal trucks than there are elements on a periodic table! Our fit and friendly movers and the removalist melbourne loves, also known as the SQUAREpeggers. They are ready to help you move your couch, apartment or your mega mansion. There aren’t many jobs our removalist’s won’t be able to help you with! We move homes, businesses, students, stylists, commercial and everyone else that needs help.






Our removalists make people happy

SQUAREpeg Movers are certified by happy customers from WOMO – Word of Mouth Online!



Perfect Fit

Our awesome Melbourne removalists are expertly trained in the art of Tetris and furniture handling to insure the job is done in the best possible way. Youthful, energetic removalists are ready to help you with everything you need. Check out our moving truck sizes here.

No Secrets

There are too many secret charges in the Melbourne furniture removal scene and we make sure we tell you everything about your move.

No extra charges for driving, fuel, stairs or ironing your things. We keep it fair for everyone.


No Depot Fees

Unlike other furniture removalists, we don’t charge extra for stairs or difficult moves either. It’s what we call Door-to-Door charging, it ultimately saves YOU money. See our removal prices here.

GPS Tracking

Unlike other furniture removalists, we know where our SQUAREpeggers are at all times whilst they are on route to your job or whilst they are helping you move. We can tell you how far away our furniture removalists are from your house before they arrive.


Bludot furniture
Create Expectations Property styists
The real estate stylist
Globe West
Cooper Robinson Interiors
Master Chef
Radiation Oncology Victoria
The Block
Shine Australia
Winners and Losers

“The SQUAREpeg team moved my family out of a real hard access house. Tricky stairs and tight turns were handled with perfection. Will definitely use them next time we move. “


“I’ve used these guys to move a couple of times, as have other people we know. They are very nice, nothing was broken, they worked hard (including moving us up 2 flights of stairs!).



A SQUAREpegger is ready to help.

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