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Removalists Melbourne

SQUAREpeg Movers are the perfect removalist in Melbourne.

At SQUAREpeg, you’re sure to get the perfect moving team with unmatched service capabilities. Our professional furniture movers, the SQUAREpeggers, are always ready to provide the best service suited to your needs.



2 men and 1 truck

The 2 Men 1 Standard Truck option is the most popular service. We guarantee to give you two awesome movers. These guys can move and shake the stress out from your moving day. Our SQUAREpeggers went through an in-house training designed to become the best movers! They also have huge biceps – they eat their spinach! SQUAREpeg has over 15 years experience with the 2 Men 1 Truck team and we guarantee to make moving your house a piece of cake.

The 2 man team is great for:

bullets Standard removalists Melbourne jobs from 1 bedroom to 4 + bedroom homes.
bullets Small moving jobs
bullets Antique moving
bullets Business moving
bullets Rubbish removal

3 men and 1 Extra Large truck

When your in living i a house with your family you are bound to accumulate enough furniture then you realise. That is why we have the large truck and 3 man team. It is a 47 cubic meter truck that is perfect for a 4 bedroom house move. The team is extremely experience in the large house moves and will focus on your furniture and removal needs first and foremost. Moving house is not an easy thing to do, but if you hire the right furniture removalists then it is the first step to reducing your stress levels on the day.

Customised Teams

If you’re looking for someone who can bring the mountain to Mohammed, then we have the right moving crew for you. The amazing thing about having a large fleet means we can customised everything including the people and trucks to accommodate your move. This way we can make sure that the team you are getting is perfect for your removal size. There is no point sending 2 men to a 6 bedroom house to move as it will take 3 days. We like to plan and arrange so that we can aim for large moves to happen within the 8 hours of the business day. It’s amazing what our removalists can do when they are working together. Much like Captain Planet, with the SQUAREpeg powers combined.. Great things happen.

The custom teams are great for:

bullets Office relocations
bullets 4 and up bedroom homes
bullets Homes with difficult access points
bullets Settlement time related moves
bullets Heavy furniture moving


Door to Door Charging.

When working with the SQUAREpeg team for your Melbourne removalist job we will charge from door to door. This means that there is no reason for you to be paying for our removalists to be sitting in traffic on the way to your move. The only thing that the SQUAREpeg Mover team will charge is a $40.00 fixed vehicle levy per job if you are within 40km of the CBD. If your are outside of the 40km travel zone in Melbourne then we will quote you a travel charge based on the times taken to come back to or leave the area outside of this zone.


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