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Furniture Removals

Get the no. 1 Melbourne Furniture removalist in town (as voted by our mums)

There is nothing worse than being stressed out before your furniture removalists arrive. Have SQUAREpeg take the stress away by getting us to do it all for you! Packing, unpacking, whatever your needs be, give us a call and let us soothe those worries.

SQUAREpeggers are not just champion heavy lifters, they can do many other things such as arm wrestling – take us on.. We dare you!

Here is a few more things our SQUAREpeggers can help you with:

Pre packing

Unpacking of boxes

Furniture disassembly

Furniture assembly

Internal furniture moving

Long distance removals

Document relocations

Real estate styling transport

Helping to declutter your home for sale

Charity work

Taking Televisions off of the wall

Standard upright Piano moving

White good connection

Fine art relocation

Store and ebay deliveries

Shopfitting transport

Retirement home moving

There are a few things SQUAREpegger’s can’t do for you and we have listed them below:

Moving of Gas bottles

Grand Pianos

Pool Tables

Large Safes


Spider infested dog houses

We provide our Furniture Removal service all over Melbourne and out in the country area’s of Victoria too. Nothing can hold us back and that is why we are one of the fastest growing Melbourne Furniture Removal companies around.

Call SQUAREpeg Headquarters

If you have any questions, requests, or want a general chat about moving, no question is too simple or odd. Give the SQUAREpeg Headquarters a call and we’re happy to answer any question you may have.