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SQUAREpeg’s Pro Tips for a Smart Move in Melbourne

Everyone needs to move at some point, be it once a year or every 10 years; be it for personal, career, health or business. There are small moves and big moves, but whatever they are, make it a smart move.

Moreover, even if it is your first time to move, moving within Melbourne shouldn’t be hard and daunting.

Here are nine pro tips to make your move smart.

  1. Look at your new place and study the location. See possible obstacles or challenges a truck or mover may face so you can prepare and adjust. If there are elevators or steep staircases or narrow streets adjacent to your new place, it is best to inform your removalists ahead of time.
  2. Have an inventory of the items that you will move. Make a checklist as a reference for your smart move.
  3. Set a target date. The date will be your guide for the successive steps of your relocation plan.
  4. Find a reliable, trustworthy, and cost-efficient Melbourne removalist. Get and compare quotes to have an idea of the cost. Check the most efficient moving package for you so your move will be easy and value for the cost. Remember that the cheapest is not always the best. 
  5. If it is your first time to move, consider the booking process, communication, and the review of the Melbourne removalist. Booking the job and communication with the movers should be easy and fast. Moreover, past and present customers’ reviews can give you an idea of the removalist service. Visit Word of Mouth Online to find reviews on your movers.
  6. Book your move and provide as much detail as possible to the movers such as the location, things to do, inventory of the items, date, and target time.
  7. If the package you booked is only for moving, begin packing and organizing your items. Set all your packed items in a separate place for easy retrieval. If you’ve boxed fragile and valuable items, label them for proper care and storage. Set a time each day for the packing job until a day before the actual move.
  8. Ensure that all your pieces of furniture are empty before the movers arrive for safe lifting and security of your possessions.
  9. A day before the move, get in touch with your chosen Melbourne Mover and confirm your move once more for peace of mind. Give the final instructions or details of the job.

Once all of these are done, give yourself a pat on the back and be ready to welcome your items and belongings to your new place. You’ve done a good job and your move should go along well. Make your smart move now! Happy moving!