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How much does it cost to move house in Melbourne?

Removalist prices in Melbourne can cost between AUD$80.00 per hour to AUD$160 per hour for two removalists and AUD$150.00 p/h to AUD$210.00p/h + for three or more movers.

When moving house, there are several factors that you need to consider when choosing the right mover for you. Every company may look the same on the surface as moving house can be considered a job that anyone can do. This is not actually the case as it requires great skill, movement and a logical thought process to perfect moving houses everyday.

It comes across that the larger companies are charging more because they are greedy and trying to increase profits. This is not often the case as running a successful furniture removal business with large staff and truck numbers actually comes with very large overheads if you are planning on doing it safely and legally.

Removalist Insurance Cover

The removalist industry, much like any unregulated industry can provide you with a very different experience depending on the removalist company that you choose. It is very important that you check that your Melbourne furniture removalists have the right insurance to protect your furniture whilst in their care, with a provision for public liability to protect everyone else whilst completing your furniture removal and also workcover insurance to make sure they are protecting their valued staff properly.

When the time comes to move house, it is best to ask your friends from your area for a recommendation first, if nothing good comes up then go online and look into your removalists of choice by checking reviews and their charging processes. Beware of the removalists that don’t list their process online as you might be at risk of hidden fees and charges. You can see SQUAREpeg Movers charging process here.

Hidden Removalist Fees to look for

When looking for a removalist make sure you are checking the small print and secret file of the moving company. Some extra charges to look out for in Melbourne are travel fees, also known as depot fees. This is a fair charge if it doesn’t include all the traffic around town. Find out if they are doing calculations before based off the standard travel or if it is added on the day of the move. Another common one is stairs or elevator charges if there is more than what is considered normal. Why you should pay more for stairs when you are hiring a removalist? However, some feel it is required to charge more for this and not tell you about it prior to the job starting.
Other charges could be for heavy items, fuel, toll charges all of which are ok if you have been notified prior and agreed to the service.


What to look for in your furniture removalist?

  1. Establish what level of furniture removalist you require. Ie. small move could use smaller company, moving whole house then trust the bigger moving companies
  2. Review the insurance cover your furniture movers will provide throughout your move.
  3. Investigate for hidden fees and charges. Don’t let surprises ruin your move.
  4. All movers are different so ask friends for referrals before anything else.

Pro Tips for Moving in Melbourne

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